Spending Time Together as a Couple at Your Wedding

The biggest regret I hear from my couples is that they did not schedule enough time for themselves as couple on their wedding day. Here are five ideas to make sure you incorporate into your wedding day. As always I'm the biggest advocate for a wedding planner, who can make sure you have the time you need and keep you on schedule! Remember your wedding day is about you and your significant other and celebrating your love!

  1. The First Look--If you truly don't want to see your partner before you walk down the aisle that's okay! You don't have to see each other. You can stand behind a door and hold hands and reaffirm each other. You can exchange letters for each other to read or you can do that actual first look. It's not about seeing each other and their reaction it's about support and comfort before you go and declare in front of everyone you are spending forever with this person.
  2. After Ceremony Time-Out--While not an official term for this, it essentially means just that. You've just gotten married! Talk to your planner about scheduling fifteen minutes for you and your partner to just decompress. You can take a quiet moment to pray, laugh or just hold each other and prepare yourselves to greet your well wishers and party the night away!
  3. Eat!--While not an intimate moment, it's equally as important! You paid for that food, you'd better eat it! Seriously though, I've had brides that didn't eat all day because they were to nervous and then they were *hangry*. During your time-out you can have a designated person bring you some hors-d'oeuvres so you can snack in peace before every Grandma and Auntie comes to cry for how beautiful you both are. If you want to just go to the reception and eat make sure you consciously make a decision with your partner to sit and eat something! You'll need the energy.
  4. First Dance--While the majority of couples always have a first dance most of them wish they would've taken the time to have choreographed one for themselves. Besides the bonding time prior to the wedding there is satisfaction in showing off your moves!
  5. Schedule Multiple Dances--The reception always has your first dance but make sure to schedule multiple dances for you and your partner. Chances are your families are pulling you in different directions and having dances that are specifically cued for you gives you an opportunity to reconnect throughout the night.

Working with a professional planner will alleviate stress from trying to figure it out yourself. If a planner is not in your budget be sure to contact me to incorporate timeline coordination into your wedding package with me. We will be sure to make your time together a priority!