"I'm saving money for a house so I'm doing all the planning myself"--Future Bridezilla

This is just an example of the thousands of reasons why brides have chose not to hire a wedding coordinator.

If you've never planned more than a birthday party and have a "Type A" personality please don't do this. Your groom, your family and well me will thank you for it. (LOL)

No one can see your vision, they are not going to know how you want the centerpieces arranged, they're going to be to expensive and I know how to plan a party a wedding can't be much different, right? <----All famous last words

Hi! I'm Lacy-Jessica, owner of Lacy-Jessica Photography, while I'm not a wedding planner or coordinator I am a wedding photographer with several years of experience of observing weddings. I just want to give you the benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator from my perspective. Maybe this will make you think a little and consider hiring that wedding planner and not cousin Becky or maybe this will motivate you more to do it right! (that'll show me). What do I know? I'm just a photographer : ).

Top 5 Benefits of a Wedding Coordinator

5. Reduce Stress

This is the most important benefit of them all. If you have rented a wedding venue or have crazy family members they're going to be your point person to field questions so you can do the most important job of all focus on you.

4. They've got contacts!

If you are hiring a wedding coordinator for a destination wedding, chances are they know where and what the best caterer, florist, baker, officiant, rental companies, hotels, DJs/musicians and photographers (me) are and know how to work a deal.

3. Budget, budget budget!

I know you are trying to save money and that's why you're trying not hire them but trust me, they work with you to keep your wedding within your budget. I know how easy it can be to go overboard and overestimate how many napkins you might need and underestimate how many chicken breasts you'll need.

2. An objective friend

All of your best friends are together and they are just gushing about how perfect your wedding is going to be but don't have the heart to tell you that an equestrian show with fireworks might just be over the top (I attended one of those, whoa). Your wedding coordinator's job is to bring you back to earth and stay in the budget to stay classy but not overdone.

1. They're professionals

Your wedding coordinator has done this before. Thousands of times. This isn't her/his first rodeo and they know exactly how to handle the over-bearing monster-in-law or the domineering mother or crazy exes whatever the case may be. The point is you don't have to.

5. Visionaries

Their vision is your vision exemplified. Wedding coordinators are creative artists and not only do they know how to make things work on a tight budget but they also know how to make your dreams come true.

While choosing cousin Becky or doing it yourself may be the cheaper option in theory it will cost more in time, stress and sometimes more money than you anticipated. Your day is to celebrate with your significant other and enjoy being around friends and family that helped make that union come together. This isn't the time to fret about if they have the right color chargers....let the planner worry about that!

Want to learn more? Contact me today and let me help you find your wedding planner and maybe book your wedding photographer lol.