The Jaroncyzk Proposal

John reached out to me from New York. He was taking his girlfriend (Faye) on a vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. She didn't know, but he was planning to propose to her there. This would be their second marriage, for both. According to John; Faye had an elopement in her prior marriage with no proposal or engagement ring. He wanted to make this moment super special for her. He had done some researching on potential places in St. Augustine but wasn't sure about the best place to do it. When we spoke, he found that I know the St. Augustine area like the back of my hand and we squared it down to three potential places. The koi pond at the Lightner Museum, the Freedom Schooner Sunset Cruise, and the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

I gently reminded John that even though they are coming from the north the top of the museum does not have air condition and a whole of lot steps! Haha! That's out.

The decision was between the Freedom Schooner and the Lightner Museum. Both excellent places! Ultimately, he decided the Freedom Schooner would be best.

He called the Freedom Schooner to ask if they had any experiences in surprise proposals. They did and coordinating with me and John, our plan was in place. I would arrive 15 minutes after they did and pretend to work for the schooner as a their publicity photographer. I would sit right next to them until it was time for the big question.

Can you help me sight in my camera?

We made small talk as we sat right beside each other. Faye not knowing that in the next hour her whole life would change, we talked about where they were from and why I was on this romantic cruise by myself. I explained that I was here with the schooner company and I had agreed to take pictures for them for their website. John and I exchanged looks of amusement as the ride continued. As the sun went down, he asked her to go to the other side to get a better view. I took the long way going toward the bow to make it seem as if I was actually shooting other couples. John started his speech, and Faye was just so confused and then John got down on one knee and Faye didn't stop crying. Faye of course said yes! The whole boat cheered!! They went back to their seats and I followed and sat down beside them.

I think suddenly it hit her that I had been taking photos of only them the whole time. She looked at me and said you don't work for the boat do you? I said, "No ma'am, I work for your fiancé." She just started crying even more and stated that this had been the sweetest thing that had ever happened to her and she was just so happy I was there to capture it.

Developing our plan, down to the very last moment was a definite skill in coordination. John relied on my expertise of the city and knowing the details of how to set up his proposal. Overall, it was a beautiful experience that I'm sure they'll not forget for a long time.

When you are ready to plan your surprise proposal, enlist the help of a photographer! They always know the best places in your destination location to pop the question. Want to know more about me? I travel all over the U.S. and Florida is my home. Want to pop the question in Florida? I am the best secret ninja photog you could ask for!