Big Talbot Island State Park

Located in Jacksonville, Florida. This beach is a popular location for photographers. The large amount of driftwood makes an excellent natural prop. Most days its not over crowded and it's a fairly easy access location with a well defined trail to the beach, be prepared to walk though! Admission is $3.00 and ample parking. Be sure to bring the bug spray!

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The East coast beach in general is just fantastic with it's rolling waves. The major benefit to Jacksonville Beach is that there is a paved parking area with a wooden walkway that leads down to the beach. The best time to go is sunrise because well the sunrise and plenty of parking! Also parking is free!

Hanna Park

Hanna Park located in Jacksonville, Fl. This location is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations. I think what makes this the most unique locations is that there is a beach and a lake! So it's the best of both worlds really. This is perfect if you are looking for multiple locations of both forest and beach. Admission is $3.00 and it's worth every penny!

St. Augustine, Florida

The oldest city in the U.S! This place has so many options! Colonial architecture, the old fort, the beach, and multiple museums. Just wandering around and taking in the sights is one of my favorite things to do. Parking can be difficult and be prepared to pay for it too.

Shired Island, Florida

My all-time favorite place! Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this little hidden away beach is a true gem! The waves are calm, plenty of driftwood and palm trees. It's quite a drive but so worth it! Parking is free and if you can handle the drive it's a location you won't forget!